Suu Balm’s Products

Suu Balm’s products are made with natural and effective ingredients to soothe and give you happy skin.

  • All Products

    All Products

    Ultra gentle and moisturising body care products made with premium quality ingredients to soothe, repair & restore the skin barrier.  

  • Body Care

    Body Care

    Relieving the itch, revitalising the skin, and restoring what has been lost, not irritating further with our ultra high quality and gentle ingredients. 

  • Facial Care

    Facial Care

    Lightweight, gentle and power-packed with premium ingredients that are designed to cleanse, hydrate and protect your facial skin's natural barrier without irritation.  

  • Kids Range

    Kids Range

    Ultra gentle skincare products formulated with carefully selected ingredients to soothe, hydrate and protect the tender, delicate skin of newborns and children. 

  • Scalp Care

    Scalp Care

    Cooling and soothing scalp care products formulated to moisturise the scalp, repair and restore healthy scalp function & reduce itch & flakes.