“You shouldn’t scratch, it will make it worse”

“You shouldn’t scratch, it will make it worse”

How many times have you heard this? Of course, you know you shouldn’t scratch but it’s easier said than done!

Why does scratching make itchiness worse?

Itching and scratching works on a cycle. Itchy skin sends a message to the brain, creating the urge to scratch. Scratching creates a mild pain which masks the itch, but this relief is only temporary, as the brain controls and overcomes pain. The itch then returns intensified: this is the itch-scratch cycle.

The consequences of scratching

Scratching can:

  • make the itch more intense, forming a negative feedback loop
  • tear the skin and increase the risk of infection. Damage to the skin barrier can also affect the skin’s ability to bring eczema flare ups under control
  • cause thickening of the skin called Lichen Simplex Chronicus which occurs with persistent severe scratching


While many products claim to relieve itch, many take time to make a difference, but rapid relief is key to breaking the itch-scratch cycle. The best solutions combine an itch-relieving agent with skin barrier repair, to address the symptoms and the potential cause. Suu Balm™ addresses both and acts quickly to soothe the skin and break the itch-scratch cycle.

Suu balm’s key ingredient, menthol, crates a cooling sensation which inhibits ‘itch signals’ in the brain and soothes the itch. Meanwhile ceramides support the skin’s epidermal barrier: repairing damage and moisturising the skin. This breaks the itch-scratch cycle: preventing skin damage, improving skin appearance and providing relief.

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