how to treat child's skin

What is safe for your child's skin?

Babies can’t get away from danger, toddlers can’t read danger signs on fences or packaged goods. This is why we all take extra care with our young children to keep them safe. Of course, we don’t want to wrap them up in cotton wool but we certainly don’t want to cause harm inadvertently by putting something on their skin and getting a bad reaction. Here are a few pointers on how to approach choosing a cream for your child:

Babies and toddlers have 2-3 times more skin than their body volume compared to adults. This means for products absorbed into the body by the skin it is important not to over-dose. Follow the old adage and “try a little first” and check you don’t get a bad reaction.

It has been suggested that some skin care ingredients (e.g. parabens) have been linked to an increased risk of some medical problems. However, studies have not shown that applying these substances to the skin causes an increased risk of any disease. But to be safe you might choose to avoid creams with those ingredients.

Some ingredients such as mineral and paraffin oils are in many classic moisturisers, again we have all been saved by using petroleum jelly (100% mineral oil) on sore bits at one time or another. However, whether you would want to cover you child in it frequently is another matter with some experts claiming they are safe, and other studies suggesting we have too high levels of petroleum extracts in our bodies. There are many excellent moisturisers that create the barrier effect you need from a moisturiser without containing these oils.

Suu Balm was developed by Dr. Tey at Singapore’s National Skin Centre, a consultant dermatologist who spends his life researching and treating patients with eczema, psoriasis and hives. He uses Suu Balm on his own young children. His first thought on choosing the ingredients for Suu Balm was “Do No Harm” – no mineral oil, no parabens, no fragrances. Unlike most consumer moisturisers Suu Balm has been tested in clinical trials to be safe on skin – Proven ceramides and urea to moisturise, menthol to quickly takeaway itch; core ingredients carefully chosen.

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