Suu Balm Refill & Recycle Station for Body Wash and Moisturiser

Suu Balm Refill and Recycle Station


We are proud to announce that Suu Balm is the first derma skincare brand in Singapore to have a refill and recycle station in our office as part of our sustainability goal to grow! You can now refill

  1. Suu Balm Rapid Itch Relief Moisturiser or 
  2. Dual Cooling & Moisturising Cream Body Wash 

with your empty bottles at our Singapore Office. Check out our virtual tour here.


Suu Balm Refill Pumps for Body Wash and Moisturiser
Suu Balm Refill Pumps

Simply bring your own bottles or purchase your refill bottles from us. Refills are charged per ml, so you can fill as much as you like!


Refill & Spin the Wheel
Refill & Spin the Wheel

Spend a minimum of $20 at our refill station and get a chance to win sure-win prizes* with our Spin the Wheel.


Suu Balm Recycling Station: Suu Balm empties
Suu Balm Recycling Station 

 Suu Balm recycling station pairs perfectly with the refill station to collect clean, empty Suu Balm bottles. All returned Suu Balm empties are responsibly recycled through our official recycling partner - Sembcorp


Return your Suu Balm Empties Reward Card
Return your Suu Balm Empties Reward Card

 With our recycling station, you can now earn gifts with our Recycle & Be Rewarded Program when you recycle your Suu Balm empties with us!

  1. Receive 1 stamp for every empty recycled.
  2. Collect stamps and receive mystery gifts along the way!


Suu Balm Refill Station Located at 36 Armenian St, #01-06, Singapore 179934
Suu Balm Refill Station, Location to be announced

 Starting with a few simple steps, you can reduce waste by recycling or reusing empty bottles and create a more sustainable future for yourself and the world we share.

Locate us at #27-02, Peninsula Plaza, 111 North Bridge Road and join us in this eco-conscious effort. 


Date: Mon- Fri

Opening Hours: 10am - 12pm & 2pm - 5pm 

Contact: 6814 2836

*Closed on PH and weekends


In line with our commitment to sustainability, Suu Balm has also launched refill packs for our body washes made from low-waste materials. Less plastic, less carbon footprint, same great benefits!

Together, these commitments will create a blueprint for a brighter, greener future. Be a part of our efforts and go green with us!


*Prizes may be changed at the discretion of Good Pharma Dermatology. 

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