Suu Balm Kids launches!

Suu Balm Kids launches!

At Suu Balm we have just launched a brand new version – Suu Balm Kids – that is designed specifically for the needs of children with eczema.

If you are the parent of a child with eczema you know that managing the condition can be heart-breaking, with scratching, irritation and flare ups affecting your precious one. Itch, in particular, can be a very distressing sensation which also significantly affects the length and quality of your child’s sleep. So, to improve their mood and help them concentrate better at school, let’s make sure they get effective relief from itch and stop scratching – which is exactly what Suu Balm Kids does!

So what does it do?

Suu Balm Kids is a dual rapid itch relieving and restoring ceramide moisturiser, and, just like the original Suu Balm, stops itching really fast (within minutes of applying) and at the same time moisturises your child’s skin. It is designed to be used alongside any other moisturiser, and along with any prescription creams your doctor might have given your child.

How is it different from the original Suu Balm?

Young children have very sensitive skin – they feel things more than we adults do – so we reduced the amount of menthol (the ingredient that cools and relieves itch) to just 1%, so that Suu Balm Kids can be used at any age, from newborn upwards, without irritation. Our menthol is made directly from mint leaves, which gives the most natural cooling effect.

Secondly, kids typically have drier skin than adults, so we increased the amount of skin repairing moisturising ingredients (ceramides and filaggrin breakdown products).

Again, there are no steroids or parabens in Suu Balm Kids, and there are also no preservatives, and we’ve used the most gentle ingredients available to ensure Suu Balm Kids is soft, gentle and kind to your child’s skin.

How should I use Suu Balm Kids?

Any child who has eczema, or who is prone to it (for example has a parent or sibling with eczema), needs to moisturise a lot… and I really mean a lot, even more than 5 times every day! Now this is really difficult to do, but Suu Balm Kids is there to help you. The cooling itch relief encourages application every few hours, so older kids can even apply themselves, and should take a tube with them to school, classes, sports and everywhere they go. For younger kids, keep a tube of Suu Balm Kids in your bag, and apply it whenever there is itch or the skin looks dry. You can still use any other, regular moisturiser morning or night, the more you use the better!

Suu Balm Kids has, like the original, been developed at the National Skin Centre in Singapore, by one of their senior consultant dermatologists, Dr Tey Hong Liang. Dr Tey is not only a smart researcher and caring doctor with huge experience in treating adults and children with eczema, he has also recently been recognised as one of Singapore’s outstanding citizens!

Please get in touch with us on Facebook if you have any questions about Suu Balm Kids, we would really love to hear from you.

Suu Balm Kids can be purchased online at our e-store (click here), or from Watsons, Guardian or Unity pharmacies in Singapore, and Watsons and Caring pharmacies in Malaysia.

Dr John, co-founder of Good Pharma Dermatology – the Suu Balm company

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