Customer Review - Saving washed to raw hands, in a time of coronavirus

Saving washed to raw hands, in a time of coronavirus

The Hand Moisturiser that helps you NOT touch your face!

Many of us I am sure are now facing the twin problems of, raw hands, and training ourselves not to touch our faces. Here is a neat solution……

There is an amazing moisturiser with menthol called Suu Balm. Suu Balm works like a charm for chapped raw hands, after all it was developed to help people with eczema skin which is a whole other level of raw, red and itchy.

I mentioned Suu Balm has menthol inside. Menthol is amazing at stopping itch within a couple of minutes. That is why it is in Suu Balm for eczema type skin. On the other hand, if you put menthol anywhere near your eyes it can be a bit teary. Which is why as soon as you start using Suu Balm as a hand moisturizer you will quickly learn not to touch your face.

Here is a real life testimonial from a user who used Suu Balm moisturiser for her dry cracked hands! Her hands were dry, flaky and red due to frequent washing and sanitizing. She used Suu Balm and within days, it was back to normal!


Ta Da: A great moistruser for your troubled hands, and a lesson in not touching your face! Try Suu Balm today!

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