Wash Your Hands Infographic - Be Clean. Be Safe!

Be Clean. Be Safe!

With the current #coronavirus epidemic, many misconceptions on hand washing and soaps have emerged. Contrary to popular belief, soaps, washes and cleansers DO NOT kill viruses such as the Novel Coronavirus.

Instead, with proper and frequent hand washing, you can remove them from your hands which is why the WHO has advocated for frequent hand washing. But, constant washing can leave your skin dry, itchy and flaky so it is important to ensure that you’re using a gentle and moisturising wash.

Suu Balm Washes work exactly like anti-bacterial soaps when it comes to removing bacteria and germs. Suu Balm Wash is however, a gentler and more moisturising wash option as it thoroughly cleanses the skin and removes dirt and bacteria without drying out the skin.

While it is important to wash hands frequently, it is also important to ensure that you’re washing it the right way! Well, here’s a guide on hand washing, adapted from WHO.

1. Clean hands regularly.
2. Wash hands with gentle wash as harsh soaps may leave hands dry, itchy & flaky. Swap your harsh soaps for Suu Balm wash! It is gentle and moisturising yet it thoroughly cleanses the skin and removes dirt and bacteria.
3. Use an alcohol-based sanitizer if you’re out and about and do not have access to any washes and water.

Fight viruses, itch and dryness with Suu Balm Wash!

It not only helps wash away viruses and bacteria from your hands, it helps to protect your hands from dryness! It’s best to finish off by moisturising with Suu Balm Moisturiser to ensure that your hands are hydrated and protected from itch and dryness!

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