tips for sensitive skin

10 tips to treat your sensitive skin

You might ask yourself why your skin is sensitive. In simple terms your skin’s natural barrier that stops moisture escaping has broken down. Fix that barrier as fast as possible and avoid whatever caused the break down and you are on the way to long term relief.

Avoid the factors causing the breakdown:

  • Stress
  • Washing too long
  • Chemicals (even a naturally fragranced soap can do it for some people)
  • Food triggers – somewhat trial and error
  • Keep yourself fit and healthy – sleep, exercise and healthy diet – those old wives tales seem to be onto something

If you skin barrier has broken down, get a barrier back in place as fast as possible to give your skin a chance to heal underneath

  • Moisturise really often – five times a day is not too much it is about right. Not just in the bathroom morning and night – you need something in your handbag, school bag, briefcase or cargo pant pocket!
  • Choose a moisturiser that creates an excellent barrier without causing harm. Look for ceramides and urea – the top two ingredients that not only create an excellent barrier but also feel comfortable on your skin meaning you don’t mind using frequently
  • Sensitive skin is often accompanied by a real urge to itch. So if you can get rid of your itch fast you won’t be tempted to scratch and damage your already weakened skin barrier.

Suu Balm barrier ingredients are multiple types of ceramides and urea. Uniquely along with these two ingredients Suu Balm quickly stops itching by containing nature’s anti-itch ingredient – menthol – if you have sensitive itchy skin and you haven’t tried it, please do, thousands have found relief through this combination.

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